Weston, Redding & Easton Coronavirus Updates: 97 Lively Circumstances

Patch News

WESTON / REDDING / EASTON, CT – The Connecticut Department of Health has confirmed 44 active cases of the new coronavirus in Weston and 30 in Redding and 23 in Easton.

Connecticut saw a decrease in net coronavirus-related hospitalizations between Friday and Saturday. There are 1,938 patients in the hospital, down from eight.

"For the first time since this pandemic began, the number of COVID-19 positive patients in our hospitals has fallen today," Governor Ned Lamont said in a statement. "This gives us hope and is a sign that our social distancing measures are having an impact."

The state recorded an additional 50 coronavirus-related deaths and 741 additional positive cases out of 2,751 tested. In total, there were 17,550 laboratory-confirmed cases and 1,086 deaths.


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