Three questions for four Shasta Lake Metropolis Council candidates

3 questions for 4 Shasta Lake City Council candidates


Voting is important, so there are rules to protect it. Here’s what you need to know before you go to vote.


Redding voters have from now to Election Day, Nov. 3, to decide which candidates will get their votes for Shasta Lake City Council. 

Four candidates are running for three seats.

The Record Searchlight asked the candidates three questions about their campaigns. Their answers have been edited for length and clarity.

Janice Powell (Photo: City of Shasta Lake)

Janice Powell

  • Occupation: Mayor
  • Age: 63
  • Facebook:

Why are you running for office? (50 words)

I have served on the council for the past four years and have always been an active volunteer. I work hard to keep our city safe and healthy for everyone who works, visits, and lives here. I want to continue with the progress that we have made and create more opportunities in the future.

What sets you apart from your opponents? (50 words)

I represent the citizens who live here by keeping them informed and answering any questions about city government and how it affects their lives. My goal is to provide transparency and make responsible decisions that reflect the voice of the people — every day that I serve on the council.

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What are the three most critical issues and why? (100 words)

Economic development is important to keep our city operating and to balance the needs of our citizens with the cost of providing services.

Protecting our environment and preserving our rural landscape is important to all of us, and especially to the people who live in Shasta Lake

Health and safety, in today’s world, is critical to all of us. It’s a challenge to meet the needs of everyone without violating individual rights and freedoms. I try to remember we have a diverse population and make an effort to create compromise so everyone can be comfortable with the guidelines our city provides.

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Greg Watkins (Photo: City of Shasta Lake)

Greg Watkins

  • Occupation: Civil Engineer
  • Age: 75
  • Facebook:

Why are you running for office? (50 words)

I have been on the council for 12 years. I’m a professional civil engineer, and my training helps me bring common sense and critical thinking to the council. 

What sets you apart from your opponents? (50 words)

I was born and raised here and graduated from Central Valley High School (CVHS). I value home ownership and understand the unique need to promote wise residential growth, especially on larger parcels in the rural parts of our city.   

What are the three most critical issues and why? (100 words)

Our city has been well managed by our city manager and staff. We have improved the responsiveness and reputation of our planning department. Our unpaid liabilities for retirements are near the best in California. 

Following the Carr Fire, we realized we lacked sufficient water storage for a large fire storm, and we are working to construct a new 2.5 million-gallon storage tank on the summit above Centimudi Boat ramp.

Larry Farr (Photo: City of Shasta Lake)

Larry Farr

  • Occupation: Incumbent
  • Age: 84

Why are you running for office? (50 words)

I enjoy being part of the city’s growth and being part of the decision-making process of how the city is run. I’ve done this now for right at 25 years. I truly think it keeps me young. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t enjoy it.

What sets you apart from your opponents? (50 words)

The experience and knowledge that I have of city government. It takes a while to learn what’s going on.

What are the three most critical issues and why? (100 words)

What’s most distressing to me is the fact we can’t have things happening that we’ve had in the past. Everything’s closed down (due to COVID-19). The Veterans Day Parade, for example, that’s just a wonderful indicator of our city. We also have this ceremony every year — the 11th of September. That’s just an important part of the city’s history and what the city means to people. It saddens me we can’t have them. (Note: Both events were canceled due to the virus.)

The city’s destiny is to stay a bedroom community for the city of Redding. We’ve tried for a long time to get more businesses started but for whatever reason it just hasn’t happened.

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Jim Mark (Photo: Contributed)

Jim ‘O.G.’ Mark

  • Occupation: None listed (founder of the Jefferson State Militia)
  • Age: 74

Why are you running for office? (50 words)

Same old, same old is the problem. … It doesn’t take a lot of brains to be a city councilperson. Basically it’s a matter of attendance and having a sense to understand whether to vote aye or nay on proposals generally couched in some requirements of the state.

What sets you apart from your opponents? (50 words)

I’m one of the OG Baby Boomers. The OG Baby Boomers have come from acid to Apple and now we’re circling back with our children and their children and we’re going to fix California.

What are the three most critical issues and why? (100 words)

I didn’t see any of the local quote, unquote leaders or staff really rising up and contesting some of these statements from our own Shasta County board of health or inevitably the state of California. There are no elected leaders in this county as far as public service but there are elected followers. We need to get the state of California off our backs.

(Body cameras) is a huge, good idea for both law enforcement and ourselves. Let’s go back to the safey issue. There’s certain times when maybe a body cam will solve things.

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