Some faculties within the Enterprise Elementary College District affirm coronavirus circumstances

Some schools in the Enterprise Elementary School District confirm coronavirus cases

REDDING, Calif. – Several cases of coronavirus popping up in some Redding schools.

Four schools in the Enterprise Elementary School District have seen a total of five positive coronavirus cases across the school district this week.

Those school sites include Mistletoe School, Parsons Junior High School, Lassen View Elementary School, and Rother Elementary School. The school district says people in close contact were notified and asked to quarantine.

The district says some classes did switch back to distance learning for the next 14 days. The district adds that contact tracing is already underway.

“If we can keep doing the best we can using our safety protocols and just be ready there might be periods of time, where you go out to distance learning for a week or two weeks,” said Heather Armelino, the Assistant Superintendent of the Enterprise Elementary School District.

“Then we can get everybody back here and be on campus as much as possible.”

The Enterprise Elementary School District tells Action News Now students are kept in cohorts throughout the day. Kids are also asked to wear masks while on campus and stay socially distant.

“One of the best things we can do is keep students in a cohort so that if there is a positive case, we can contain it to that group,” said Armelino.

Enterprise Elementary School District considers close contact to be within six feet for more than 15 minutes. But with these new cases popping up, some people are feeling worried.

“I hear about all these new cases and it’s getting scary,” said Kerry Jarvis of Shasta County.

“But we all need to work together to solve the problem.”

The Enterprise Elementary School District declined to tell Action News Now if those positive cases were students or staff members.

Shasta County Public Health recommends K-12 schools close if at least 5% of its staff and students test positive for Covid-19 within 14 days.


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