Shasta well being leaders urge neighborhood to assist deliver down Covid-19 case numbers

Shasta health leaders urge community to help bring down Covid-19 case numbers

REDDING, Calif. – Coronavirus cases climbing across the country and here in Northern California, almost 14 million cases nationwide despite restrictions.

Many local law enforcement leaders said they’re not enforcing the state’s mandates. But while there is no enforcement on the local level, there is enforcement on the state level.

Agencies such as the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control and CalOSHA can step. But in order to get the virus under control, officials say it’s about community cooperation.

Several people believe that law enforcement does not have enough resources to enforce mandates by the state.

“There’s seems to be so much else going on,” said Letty Brouillard of Redding. “[Law enforcement] is also trying to protect us and keep us safe.”

Several people tell Action News Now that while they are concerned about the rise in cases, they believe that cooperation needs to come from the community.

“I think it should come down from the people,” said Seth Rehmann of Redding. “I work at Holiday Market and people come in without masks and stuff and it’s just kind of disrespectful.”

Shasta Health leaders understand that law enforcement can’t step in to enforce the mandates.
But will stick to their educational approach to help get businesses under compliance.

“We’re just focused on our role as public health and the work that we do,” said Robin Schurig the Public Health Branch Director of the Shasta Health & Human Services Agency.

“Law enforcement can decide what their role is, that’s why we’re fortunate there is enforcement at the state level.”

But with cases climbing, Public Health urges the community to do their part.

“We would just ask individuals to take that responsibility upon themselves and wear a mask,” said Schurig. “It’s going to protect your fellow community members.”

Action News Now reached out to both the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office and Redding Police Department for comment but have not yet heard back.


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