RRE 6 Mortgage Administration DAC — Moody’s assigns a definitive score to 1 class of notes issued by RRE 6 Mortgage Administration DAC

RRE 1 Loan Management Designated Activity Company -- Moody's assigns provisional ratings to three classes of refinancing notes to be issued by RRE 1 Loan Management Designated Activity Company

Rating action: Moody & # 39; s assigns a final rating to a bond class issued by RRE 6 Loan Management. DACGlobal Credit Research – March 04, 2021 Frankfurt am Main, March 4, 2021 – Moody's Investors Service ("Moody's") announced that it has assigned the final rating for RRE 6 Loan Management DAC ( the "issuer") bonds issued: …. EUR 240,000,000 Senior Secured Floating Rate Notes of class A-1 with maturity 2035, final rating assigned to Aaa (sf) RATINGS RATIONAL Based on a consideration of the risks, the justification for the rating is linked to the portfolio and structure of the CLO as described in our methodology. The issuer is a managed cash flow CLO. At least 95% of the portfolio must consist of senior unsecured obligations and up to 5% of the portfolio can consist of senior unsecured obligations, second lien loans, mezzanine obligations and high yield bonds. The portfolio is expected to be increased by 80% as of the reporting date and consists mainly of corporate loans to borrowers based in Western Europe. The rest of the portfolio will be acquired during the 6 month ramp-up period according to the portfolio guidelines. Redding Ridge Asset Management (UK) LLP ("Redding Ridge") will manage the CLO. It will manage the selection, acquisition and disposition of collateral on behalf of the Issuer and may engage in trading activities including discretionary trading during the four year reinvestment period of the Transaction. According to this, purchases are permitted under certain restrictions using capital proceeds from unscheduled capital payments and proceeds from sales of credit risk obligations or credit enhanced obligations.The Issuer has EUR 38,000,000 Senior Secured Floating Rate Notes of Class A-2 due in 2035, EUR 40,000,000 Senior Secured Deferrable Floating Rate Notes due 2035, EUR 26,000,000 C Senior Secured Deferrable Floating Rate Notes due 2035, EUR 16,000,000 D Senior Secured Deferrable EUR issued Floating-rate bonds due 2035 and subordinated bonds in the amount of EUR 42,000,000, which are not rated. The transaction includes interest rate and face value checks that, when triggered, divert interest and capital proceeds to repay the debt securities in order of seniority.Measures to contain and the weak global economic outlook continue to disrupt economies and credit markets across sectors and regions. Our analysis has taken into account the impact of current weak European economic activity and a gradual recovery for the coming months on corporate asset performance. Although economic recovery is underway, it is weak and its continuation will be closely linked to containing the virus. As a result, the level of uncertainty surrounding our forecasts is unusually high. We consider the coronavirus outbreak a social risk under our ESG given its significant public health and safety impact. Methodology on which the assessment measure is based: The one in This rating was "Moody's Global Approach to Rating Collateralized Loan Obligations", published in December 2020 and available at https://www.moodys.com/researchdocumentcontentpage.aspx?docid = PBS_1242167. Alternatively, a copy of this method can be found on the Evaluation Methods page at www.moodys.com. Factors that would lead to an upgrade or downgrade of the rating: The performance of the rated bonds is subject to uncertainties. The performance of the Notes will depend on the performance of the underlying portfolio, which in turn depends on potentially changing economic and credit conditions. The investment decisions of the collateral manager and the administration of the transaction will also affect the performance of the Notes. Moody's modeled the transaction using a cash flow model based on the binomial expansion technique as described in section 2.3 of the "Moody's Global Approach to Rating Collateralized Loan Obligations" rating method published in December 2020. # 39; s used the following basic modeling assumptions: Nominal amount: EUR 400,000,000 Diversity Score (1): 39 Weighted average rating factor (WARF): 3106 Weighted average spread (WAS): 3.60% weighted average coupon (3.60% weighted average coupon ( WAS) WAC): 5.00% Weighted Average Recovery Rate (WARR): 41.00% Weighted Average Lifetime (WAL): 9.0 years (1) The Diversity Score for the Covenanted Base Case is 40, but we have a diversity Score of 39 assumed, as the transaction documentation allows. So that the diversity score is rounded up to the nearest whole number, during the usual convention on is to round down to the nearest whole number debtors residing in countries with a local currency ceiling (LCC) of A1 or below. According to the portfolio restrictions and eligibility criteria, exposures in countries with an LCC from A1 to A3 cannot exceed 10% and the debtors cannot be resident in countries with an LCC below A3. For more details on Moody's analysis of this transaction, please refer to the relevant New Issue Report, available shortly on Moodys.com. REGULATORY DISCLOSURES Please refer to the Methodological Assumptions and Sensitivity to Assumptions sections of the Disclosure Form for more details on Moody's key rating assumptions and sensitivity analyzes. Moody & # 39; s evaluation symbols and definitions can be found at: https://www.moodys.com/researchdocumentcontentpage.aspx?docid=PBC_79004. For more information on the representations and guarantees and enforcement mechanisms available to investors, please visit http: // www. Moodys.com/researchdocumentcontentpage.aspx?docid=PBS_1268246. The analysis relies on an assessment of the collateral characteristics to determine the distribution of collateral losses, that is, the function that correlates with an assumption about the probability of occurrence for each level of possible losses in the collateral. In a second step, Moody & # 39; s assesses each possible collateral loss scenario using a model that emulates the relevant structural features in order to derive payments and thus the final potential losses for each assessed instrument. The loss that a valued instrument suffers in each collateral loss scenario, weighted with assumptions about the probability of events occurring in this scenario, leads to the expected loss of the valued instrument. Moody's quantitative analysis includes an assessment of scenarios in which stress factors contribute to the sensitivity of ratings and takes into account the likelihood of severe collateral losses or impaired cash flows. Moody & # 39; s weights the impact on the rated instruments based on its assumptions about the likelihood of events occurring in such scenarios. For ratings issued for a program, series, category / class of debt or security, this announcement contains certain regulatory information in relation to each rating of a subsequently issued bond or note of the same series, category / class of debt, security or security under a program for which ratings are derived solely from existing ratings in accordance with Moody's rating practices. For ratings issued by a support provider, this announcement contains certain regulatory information in relation to the creditworthiness measure of the support provider and in relation to each individual rating action for securities whose creditworthiness is derived from the creditworthiness of the support provider . For preliminary ratings, this announcement contains certain regulatory information regarding the assigned preliminary rating and with respect to a final rating that may be issued after the final issuance of the debt, in any event where the transaction structure and terms have not changed prior to assigning the final rating in a way that would have affected the rating. For more information, see the Ratings tab on the Issuer / Company page of the relevant issuer at www.moodys.com. Information on affected securities or rated companies that receive direct credit support from the primary companies of this rating measure, and whose ratings may change as a result of this credit rating measure, is the associated regulatory information that of the guarantor. Exceptions to this approach exist for the following disclosures, if applicable for the jurisdiction: ancillary services, disclosure to a rated company, disclosure to a rated company. The rating was disclosed to the rated company or its designated representatives and issued without change. This rating is requested. For more information, please see Moody's Guidelines for Determining and Assigning Unwanted Credit Ratings on www.moodys.com. The regulatory information contained in this press release applies to the credit rating and, if applicable, the associated rating outlook or rating review. The general principles of Moody & # 39; s information on the assessment of environmental, social and governance (ESG) risk in our credit analysis can be found at https://www.moodys.com/researchdocumentcontentpage.aspx?docid=PBC_1243406. At least one ESG consideration was announced and described above for the creditworthiness measure material. The Global Scale Credit Rating for this Credit Rating Announcement has been issued by an affiliate of Moody & # 39; s outside the UK and is operated by Moody & # 39; s Investors Service Limited, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5FA, under applicable law Approved by rating agencies in the UK. For more information on UK endorsement status and the Moody & # 39; s rating agency, please visit www.moodys.com. For more information on changes to the Lead Rating Analyst and Moody & # 39; s Legal Entity, please visit www.moodys.com For more information, please visit the Ratings tab on the Issuer / Company page at www.moodys.com. There you will find further regulatory information on the individual ratings. Beka Bakuradze Associate Lead Analyst Structured Finance Group Moody & # 39; s Deutschland GmbH An der Welle 5 Frankfurt am Main 60322 Germany JOURNALISTS: 44 20 7772 5456 Customer Service: 44 20 7772 5454 Volker Gulde Senior Vice President / Manager Structured Finance Group JOURNALISTS: 44 20 7772 5456 Customer Service: 44 20 7772 5454 Publishing office: Moody & # 39; s Deutschland GmbH An der Welle 5 Frankfurt am Main 60322 Germany JOURNALISTS: 44 20 7772 5456 Customer service: 44 20 7772 5454 © 2021 Moody & # 39; s Corporation, Moody & # 39; s Investors Service, Inc., Moody's Analytics, Inc. and / or its licensors and affiliates (collectively "MOODY & # 39; S"). All rights reserved. CREDIT RATINGS ISSUED BY MOODY & # 39; S CREDIT RATINGS MEMBERS ARE YOUR CURRENT OPINIONS OF THE RELATIVE FUTURE CREDIT RISK OF ENTITIES, CREDIT OBLIGATIONS OR DEBT OR DEBT ENTRIES "). MOODY DEFINES CREDIT RISK AS THE RISK THAT AN ENTITY CANNOT MEET ITS CONTRACT FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS WHEN THEY BECOME DUE AND A LOSS OF APPRAISAL FINANCIAL REQUIREMENTS IN THE EVENT OF STANDARD OR DISABILITY. SEE APPLICABLE REVIEW SYMBOLS AND DEFINITIONS IN THE MOODY PUBLICATION FOR INFORMATION ON THE TYPES OF CONTRACTUAL FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS REFERRED TO BY MOODY'S CREDIT REVIEWS. CREDIT REVIEWS DO NOT ADDRESS ANY OTHER RISK, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO: LIQUID RISK, MARKET VALUE RISK, OR PRICE VOLATILITY. CREDIT REVIEWS, NON CREDIT REVIEWS ("REVIEWS") AND OTHER OPINIONS CONTAINED IN MOODY'S PUBLICATIONS ARE NOT CURRENT OR HISTORICAL FACTS. MOODY'S PUBLICATIONS MAY ALSO CONTAIN QUANTITATIVE MODEL-BASED CREDIT RISK ESTIMATIONS AND RELATED OPINIONS OR COMMENTS, PROVIDED BY MOODY'S ANALYTICS, INC. AND / OR ITS MEMBERS. MOODY's credit ratings, ratings, publications, other opinions and publications do not constitute or offer any investment or financial advice, and MOODY's credit ratings, ratings, other opinions and publications are not and will not produce any results. MOODY's credits, ratings, other opinions and publications do not relate to the suitability of an investment for any particular investor. MOODY ISSUES ITS CREDIT REVIEWS, REVIEWS AND OTHER OPINIONS AND PUBLISHES ITS PUBLICATIONS WITH THE EXPECTATION AND UNDERSTANDING THAT EVERY INVESTOR WILL UNDERSTAND ITS OWN STUDY AND EVALUATION FOR ANY SECURITY, CONSIDERATIONS IF IN DOUBT YOU SHOULD CONTACT YOUR FINANCIAL OR OTHER PROFESSIONAL ADVISOR. ALL INFORMATION CONTAINED HEREIN IS PROTECTED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT RESTRICTED, BY LAW. DISTRIBUTED, REDistributed, or resold, or for subsequent use, in any form, in whole or in part, in any form or manner, or with any communication without prior written notice, not intended for use by MOODY or PUBLISHED LEGAL PURPOSES ARE DEFINED AND CANNOT BE USED IN ANY WAY THAT MAY BE BENCHMARKED. All information contained herein is provided by MOOD in order to be accurate and reliable. However, due to the possibility of human error, mechanical error, and other factors, all information contained herein is provided "as is" without any warranty of any kind. MOODY & # 39; S takes all necessary measures to ensure that the information used in awarding a credit rating is of sufficient quality and comes from sources that MOODY & # 39; S deems to be reliable, including independent third-party sources, if necessary. However, MOODY & # 39; S is not a chartered accountant and cannot in every case independently verify or validate information obtained as part of the rating process or the preparation of its publications. To the fullest extent permitted by law, MOODY & # 39; S and its directors, officers, employees, agents, agents, licensors and suppliers disclaim any liability to any person or organization for any indirect, special, consequential, or incidental loss or damage that may arise out of it or in connection with the information contained herein, or the use or inability to use such information, even if MOODY'S or any of its directors, officers, employees, agents, agents, licensors or suppliers are notified in advance of the possibility such loss or damage, including but not limited to: (a) loss of current or future profits, or (b) loss or damage incurred if the relevant financial instrument is not subject to a certain credit rating as assigned by MOODY & # 39; S is. To the fullest extent permitted by law, MOODY & # 39; S and its directors, officers, employees, agents, agents, licensors and suppliers disclaim all liability for any direct or compensatory loss or damage suffered by any person or organization, including but not limited to negligence (other than fraud, willful misconduct or any other type of liability which, for the avoidance of doubt, cannot be excluded by law) on the part of or any eventuality within or outside the control of MOODY & # 39; S or any of its directors, officers, employees, Agents, agents, licensors or suppliers of or in connection with the information contained herein or the use or inability to use such information. NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF ACCURACY, TIMELINESS, COMPLETENESS, MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OF A CREDIT EVALUATION, EVALUATION, OTHER OPINIONS OR ANY INFORMATION IS GIVEN BY MOODY. Moody & # 39; s Investors Service, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Moody Die Corporation (“MCO”), hereby announces that most issuers of debt securities (including corporate and municipal bonds, notes, debentures and commercial papers) and Preferred Stocks, which have been rated by Moody & # 39; s Investors Service, Inc. prior to the allocation of a loan, have agreed to pay to Moody & # 39; s Investors Service, Inc. for appraisals and services provided by Moody & # 39; s Investors Service, Inc. charges between $ 1,000 and approximately $ 5,000,000. MCO and Moody & # 39; s Investors Service also adhere to policies and procedures to ensure the independence of Moody & # 39; s Investors Service's creditworthiness and rating processes. Information will be provided regarding certain relationships that may exist between directors of MCO and rated companies, as well as between companies that are rated by Moody & # 39; s Investors Service and have publicly reported to the SEC that they have more than 5% interest in MCO Published annually at www .moodys.com under the heading “Investor Relations – Corporate Governance – Guidelines on Affiliation with Directors and Shareholders”. Additional Terms Australia Only: Any publication of this document in Australia is made pursuant to the Australian Financial Services License by MOODY's Subsidiary, Moody & # 39; s Investors Service Pty Limited ABN 61 003 399 657AFSL 336969 and / or Moody & # 39; s Analytics Australia Pty Ltd ABN 94 105 136 972 AFSL 383569 (if applicable). This document is intended for "wholesale customers" only within the meaning of Section 761G of the Corporations Act 2001. If you continue to access this document from Australia, you represent to MOODY & # 39; S that you are the document or that you are representing a "wholesale customer" and that neither you nor the company you represent represent this document or its contents directly or indirectly to “retail customers” within the meaning of Section 761G of the Corporations Act 2001. MOODY's credit rating is an opinion regarding the creditworthiness of a debt security of the issuer, not the equity securities of the issuer or any form of collateral available to retail investors. Additional Terms Japan Only: Moody & # 39; s Japan KK ("MJKK") is a wholly owned subsidiary of Moody & # 39; s Group Japan GK rating agency, wholly owned by Moody & # 39; s Overseas Holdings Inc ., a wholly owned subsidiary of MCO. Moody & # 39; s SF Japan K.K. ("MSFJ") is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the rating agency MJKK. MSFJ is not a Nationally Recognized Statistical Assessment Organization ("NRSRO"). Therefore, the ratings assigned by MSFJ are non-NRSRO ratings. Non-NRSRO credit ratings are issued by a company that is not an NRSRO, and as a result, the rated obligation is not appropriate under US law for certain types of treatment. MJKK and MSFJ are rating agencies registered with the Japan Financial Services Agency and their registration numbers are FSA Commissioner (Ratings) No. 2 and 3, respectively. MJKK or MSFJ (if applicable) hereby announce that most issuers of debt securities ( including corporate and municipal bonds, notes, debentures and commercial papers) and preferred stocks valued by MJKK or MSFJ (if applicable) have agreed to make payments to MJKK or MSFJ (if applicable) for appraisals and rendered prior to credit rating To provide services Fees range from JPY 125,000 to approximately JPY 550,000,000. MJKK and MSFJ also maintain policies and procedures to meet Japanese regulatory requirements. .


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