Redding Coronavirus Replace: 2 Useless, 29 Energetic Circumstances

Patch News

REDDING, CT — Two residents who had tested positive for COVID-19 have died, the Health Department has reported.

“We are reminded that we cannot drop our guard and must continue to ‘Stay Safe, Stay Home.’ This virus is demonstrating that none of us are exempt from illness and that social distancing and social separation must apply to everyone,” Health Department officials said in a news release.

The Connecticut Department of Public Health has confirmed 29 active cases of the new coronavirus in Redding, 41 in Weston and 19 in Easton.

Connecticut had another 23 coronavirus associated deaths reported Tuesday along with 608 new lab-confirmed cases and a net hospitalization increase of 19 patients — one of the state’s lowest net increases for hospitalizations for the virus to date.

A total of 1,532 tests were reported in the latest batch. There have been 13,989 confirmed coronavirus cases, 671 deaths and 1,779 current hospitalizations in Connecticut.

“At this time it’s best to assume that anyone anywhere could be infected and to act accordingly with precautions. This virus is much more transmissible and has ten times the mortality rate of seasonal flu. Households with a tested positive family member have found it challenging to live under the same roof and not spread the disease to others,” the Redding Health Department said.


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